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Executive Chef Lawrence Page is the self-motivated and ambitious owner of the Pink Teacup, the legendary restaurant established in 1954, a unique place for brunch & southern dining with cocktails in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Ga. Lawrence Page became a household name after being casted in WeTv’s top reality series "Hustle & Soul", which follows his life at his restaurants and is now airing its 3rd season on April 4th, 2019.

Food and the way it’s prepared is the epicenter of his life – what inspires Chef Lawrence every day. This is the way he earns his living, the way he unwinds, and most importantly the avenue which he expresses his creativity. He communicates with people, the world, and experiences the world, through food. Chef Lawrence is constantly cooking and planning events for corporate executives, and celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sports.

Independent and entrepreneurial to the core, Chef Lawrence is on a fast track to multi- media success, tickling the taste buds of the culinary elite as well as celebrity celestials of all stripes.

Food is the core of everything Chef Lawrence does, and he wants to share that passion with anyone who cares to participate.

He is changing the food world as we know it.